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Offsite CFO

Specialist offsite CFO providing advise and assurance on all financial issues.

Business Improvement

Helping business owners sleep at night and get what they want from their business.


Financial Governance Specialist

Specialist Local Government CFO providing strategic financial services.


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Testimonials for Alan Rushbrook, Director Utintja Consulting

I found his management style to be innovative and refreshing, always reflecting balance in judgements. He earned respect from employees, peers and associates, and demonstrated a strong work ethic. I felt privileged to work with him, and learn from his leadership by example.

Trevor Bishop

In summary, I would describe Alan as being very caring, of high integrity, a leader, a constructive facilitator, passionate and professional. Indeed, I would place Alan in the top 4 of the leaders that I have been privileged to work for in my career spanning more than 35 years!

Stephen Birch

As a strategic thinker, Alan is always open to discuss product and process developments in line with the continuous improvement process.

Andrew Scott

I have enjoyed working with him, as he has extensive knowledge of local government and has excellent accounting/auditing technical skills, while on the same time he has great personality. He is easy to work with, always helpful and accessible. I would highly recommend him

Vanja Perovic-Vukotic


Alan provides tailored financial advisory services to Local Governments through a mixture of offsite and onsite services to ensure accounting staff are properly supported and organisations’ financial governance and strategic financial expertly managed. Through this service we are able to give the Council, Audit Committee and CEO assurance regarding the financial health of the Council.


This service ensures the existing staff are able to dedicate themselves to the tasks they are most suited to while knowing that they have the immediate support of an experienced financial specialist.

These services are tailored to each client. They can include:

  • Review and oversight of financial governance, including review of financial internal controls
  • Development and maintenance of Council’s strategic financial framework
  • Support of Audit Committee
  • Support of financial staff
  • Internal Audit

What are the benefits Councils get when they have this service?

  • Assurance about the integrity of their financial systems and processes
  • Improved financial management
  • Improved strategic planning
  • Access to highly skilled and experienced financial manager
  • Onsite staff free to attend to their responsibilities



You spend all your time looking after customers and staff. Your days are spent keeping the business going. When do you get a chance to step back and see if it doing who you really want it to do? Wouldn’t you benefit from seeing your business from another perspective?

We provide a thorough review of small businesses which gives business owners a chance take a step back and see how their business operating. Is it meeting all the regulatory requirements, are your systems efficient, is your pricing competitive? Using a series of templates we review the core operations and functions of your business and provide you with detailed feedback and a structured report with clear recommendation on how you can take your business forward.

The review can focus on areas you are most concerned about, be it strategic planning, regulatory compliance or administrative efficiency. However, typically the review would look at:

  • Business Planning,
  • Human Resources,
  • Operations,
  • Marketing,
  • Technology,
  • Business Performance, and
  • Risk Management.


With over 25 years of financial experience Alan offers an array of specialist financial skills to his clients, including

  • Establishment of Internal Control systems
  • Prudential Management Report
  • Policy Development
  • Complex financial modelling
  • Financial systems selection and implementation
  • Development of strategic management plans
  • Benchmarking


Recent projects

Recent Projects

Prudential Report

Comprehensive review Fees & Charges

Review a programme for a public sector marketing organisation

Assist Council to identify revenue raising opportunities

Draft Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans

Implementation of Risk Management Framework

Develop comprehensive set of  Service Levels for a Council

Modelling of proposed financial structure of 3 councils

Development of Long Term Financial Plan

Assist in the implementaton of new corporate financial system

Negotiate changes to financial structure of an organisation

Oversee financial management and operations of a council

Develop comparative performance project for industry sector

Undertake review of small regional business


Contact details

Director: Alan Rushbrook

m: 0402 409 352




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